It all started when Kath (the creator of Design Mummy) got engaged! She wanted to ask her bridal party to be apart of her wedding day in a special way so she designed and printed wine labels with the text Will you be my Bridesmaid? and Will you be my Man of Honour?

She then went on to create beer labels so her husband to be could ask his groomsmen and best man to be apart of the wedding party in a unique way.

The beer labels and wine labels were a massive hit! So we started to sell them online and they have been super popular. We now offer a full range of wine labels, beer labels, candle labels, chocolate wrappers and cards.

We often get asked why we don’t sell the complete pack (with the box, wine, chocolate etc) and the main reason is that we want to keep the cost down for our customers! We understand how expensive planning a wedding can be so making our bridesmaid proposal packs DIY means you have the flexibility to spend what you want.

We have included links below to view our Bridesmaid proposal packs and gift ideas! We hope you love them as much as we do.