Print Guide

Want to understand the printing process and options that are available?

Please find a guide below on the different options I can offer for your wedding and event stationery.


Digital Printing

Digital Printing is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise quality. It is a classic print type with advanced technology allowing for crisp, sharp colours and text. When digital printing is used the text is sent digitally to the printer and transferred to the materials through ink that lies flat on the paper. Digital printing typically has a faster turnaround than other methods.

White Ink

White Ink Printing follows the same method as digital printing, however specific technology allows for a much better result with white ink types. White ink printing allows you to design your invitations and stationery on dark or coloured card and paper types, so that you can effortlessly theme your stationery to your event with a bold touch of class.

Raised Foil

Raised Foil is a divine print method involving heat and foil. If you’ve been seeking beautiful, foiled inspiration for your stationery, it’s likely that a foil method was used to deliver the stunning, shining effect. Foil stationery is the product of a sophisticated method and machinery. Due to the time consuming nature and the cost of tools for foil method, this is one of the more costly printing options with extremely rich results.


The oldest of the printing techniques, letterpress is a timeless method for your stationery needs. Letterpress is the classic embossed words you see on quality card stock and stationery. Letterpress printing is a refined skill with specialty tools, and for this reason it yields a higher cost for a lasting impression on event guests.