We often get asked: How many stamps do I need to post a wedding invitation? Well the answer all depends on the envelope type. Below is a chart of how many stamps are required for different envelope sizes (all under 20mm thickness).

As standard, Design Mummy provides 130mm x 190mm envelopes for Wedding Invitations and C6 envelopes for RSVP and Birthday invitations.

Envelope Size Postage Stamps Required
11B Envelope (145mm x 90mm) 1 postage stamp
C4 Envelope under 250g (324mm x 229mm) 3 postage stamps
C4 Envelope under 500g (324mm x 229mm) 5 postage stamps
C6 Envelope (162mm x 114mm) 1 postage stamp
5″ x 7″ Envelope (includes 130mm x 190mm Invitation iFlap Envelope) 1 postage stamp
C5 Envelope (229mm x 162mm) 2 postage stamps
DL Envelope (220mm x 110mm) 1 postage stamp
Reply Envelope (130mm x 80mm) 1 postage stamp
Square Envelopes (any size) 2 postage stamps